This page is dedicated to answering as many of your questions up front and in simple terms. But if you have any questions, you can email your would-be instructor, Max Timm at the ISA, at any time -

Max would be happy to answer any question and help you decide if The Craft Course is right for you.

Q: Can I begin The Craft Course at any time, or is there a specific start date?

A: There is not a set start date, though once you enroll and pay for the course, the class begins. You will receive the first week of lessons and assignments immediately (if purchasing the With Support Version). If you purchase the Online Only version, you will receive all lessons and assignments upfront and be able to work at your own pace.

Q: What is the different between the With Support version and the Online Only version?

A: A lot! Not only is the Online Only version quite a bit less expensive, but it allows a writer to work at his or her own pace AND he or she can start at any time (since the lessons and assignments are all given to you immediately). The With Support version is a more structured, step-by-step process where new lessons and assignments are released to you every week. ALSO, a writer does not receive ongoing and weekly feedback on assignments via the Online Only version, nor will he or she receive an evaluation of your finished screenplay.

Q: Can I work on a short screenplay while in class?

A: The writer can work on anything he or she wishes to work on, though the short script will likely be finished earlier than a feature (simply due to the number of pages). Also, Max talks about a 12 sequence approach to structuring a script. A feature will have 12 sequences, but a TV script will vary depending on its length, genre, style (multi-camera or not), etc. A short script is roughly the same, in that there will not be 12 sequences, but it will still follow the same beat structure of a story. The lessons will help break down how a story works, beats out, and allows for an emotional an conflict-oriented adventure.

Q: Can I pause the coursework in the middle of the lessons in case my schedule changes?

A: Technically speaking, no, but if your schedule changes and if you are unable to complete the coursework due to outside influences outside the control of the ISA and the Craft Course, Max (your instructor) will help you work out a way in which you can still take advantage of the lessons and feedback as best he can. Any scheduling issue can be rectified. Don't let the possibility of an ever-evolving schedule keep you from accomplishing your writing goals! How important to you is a career in screenwriting? We assume it's extremely important, so don't limit yourself. There is always a solution, and Max is here to help.

Q: Can I get a refund if I did not finish the course?

A: The quick answer is, no. We do not offer refunds. It is up to the writer to devote enough time to his or her writing. However, and again, if there are issues or problems that you are having that keep you from accomplishing your goals, please reach out to the ISA and/or your instructor. We can likely alter an approach so that you maximize your experience with us.

Q: Will my script be submitted to industry professionals once I am done with the course?

A: Possibly! That's really the best answer we can give you since it all depends on so many elements. How strong is the writing and execution? Is the writer's voice so amazing that the ISA feels the need to help the writer get in touch with an executive? Does the material fit the intentions and needs of a particular producer that the ISA has a connection with? Does Max see a lot of potential in the writer in a way that he feels confident that the writer will be able to sustain a long term career (and isn't just a one-hit wonder)? The ISA can not and does not guarantee that a writer will be invited into the ISA Development Program, nor can the ISA guarantee that even if a writer is invited that the writer will be signed by a manager or agent, or have their material optioned. We will do our best to help you establish yourself, but the onus does need to remain on the writer to put in the time, the hard work, study, and improve upon his or her craft.

Q: Does The Craft Course offer payment plans for the With Support version and the Online Only version?

A: Yes!

Q: Can I purchase only a Script Evaluation and not go through the coursework?

A: Yes, you may purchase the Development Program Evaluation. After applying and regardless of acceptance into the program, your material will receive a full evaluation with notes. The Craft Course with Support & Evaluation version writers do not need to purchase the Development Program Evaluation.

If there were any questions that were not answered above, please email us at There is no question we can't answer!

Thank you for considering The Craft Course in Screenwriting, and we can't wait to help you develop your own personal writing craft and expertise.