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taught by Max Timm, Jen Grisanti & Lee Jessup
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From Concept to Studio Deal

Three video presentations by three of the industry's top consultants and instructors. Hours of lectures that you can utilize at your own pace, whenever you like.

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(Please note that the videos presented here are recordings of a previously live event.)

There's never been a better time to write for network TV, cable or companies like Netflix or Amazon. Some are saying we've moved past the Golden Age of Television right into the Platinum Age. That's how big it's gotten, but how do you break in? How do you get your start? What tools do you need to prepare yourself to compete? 

The ISA has extracted the essentials from our live TV Weekend events, held in Los Angeles and Chicago, and converted them into an immersive online course. Now  you can learn from the experts at your own pace, right from your home or office. 

Acquire the tools to develop a TV Pilot from concept to pitch, so you can land that studio deal or get staffed on a show. Every writer's dream is to create longevity in this industry. Let the ISA and our esteemed instructors help you!

Experts in TV Development

Development consultant, writing coach and author, Max Timm, will break down story through the recurring moment using examples from the hit NBC drama Timeless, and Netflix’s cult-favorite, Stranger ThingsUsing the storylines for each show, Max will demonstrate how important it is to develop your own show’s recurring moment before ever writing a page of the script.

Top TV consultant, Jen Grisanti, will teach you how to write a TV pilot that sells. Having spent years as a Current Programming Executive, Grisanti knows not only what it takes from a business perspective, but she offers a hands-on, immediately supportive approach to educating writers on what it takes to sell material in this town. 

Career consultant and industry expert, Lee Jessup, will share with you everything you need to know about becoming a working television writer. Lee's clients continually move from novice, out-of-work screenwriters, to working and career-focused writers who are actually getting paid to do what they love! Both of our guest consultants are offering their expertise for what normally would take most clients weeks, if not months, to learn. Take advantage of their time and insights all in one day! 

The skills you'll learn in this online video course will help you turn your good TV script into a great script, and get you ready to pitch and sell at the highest level. This is a highly competitive industry, so let us help you elevate your craft and your career.

Open to all storytellers – Screenwriters, TV writers, novelists, filmmakers, producers, agents, actors, development executives and more can benefit from this course.


Breaking Down Story Through The Recurring Moment with Max Timm

Audiences will tune in to watch a pilot episode due to the basic conceptual make-up of a particular show, its tone, and possibly a leading actor, but they continue watching the series if and when the well-crafted characters are entertaining, emotionally developed, and intertwined with a unique sequence of recurring and repeated action. What does all of that really mean? What kind of ride will you put your audience on, and more importantly, how do you develop a show that will continually entertain the audience week in and week out? Using examples from the hit NBC drama Timeless, and Netflix’s cult-favorite, Stranger Things, Max will break down the storylines for each show in order to prove how important it is to develop your own show’s recurring moment before ever writing a page of the script.

Telling the Inside Story Through Structure and Emotion with Jen Grisanti

The key to becoming a working writer or creating longevity as a working writer is writing a TV pilot script that they can’t ignore. The pilot script is one of the hardest to write. In this Master Series class Jen Grisanti will take you through her story system that has led 42 of her clients to sell their pilots, five of which went to series. Part of her system includes story structure, adding fiction to your truth, writing memorable characters and creating a strong internal story.

with Lee Jessup

In this Master Series class Lee will share with you everything you need to know about becoming a working television writer. This session will explore the current television landscape, the realities and requirements for landing the agent or manager who will become instrumental for connecting you with the television industry, the various paths available for staffing on a show or selling your pilot, the contests, fellowships and programs available to writers seeking to stand out in the television space, and much more. 

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Max Timm, Jen Grisanti  & Lee Jessup
Max Timm, Jen Grisanti & Lee Jessup

Our mission is simple. Help every writer tell their stories brilliantly.

The ISA was founded by independent filmmakers who understand that there are many different roads to success. We believe that everyone, from all walks of life, have stories to tell, each with a unique perspective and style. Our goal is to help you grow as a storyteller by honing your individual talent, sharpening your distinct voice, then guiding you to breakthrough to the biz. From working writers, hobbyists and enthusiasts alike, we want to inspire you to believe in yourself and encourage you to become the most authentic storyteller you can be.

Our focus starts with expert advice, mentors, classes, contests, feedback and more to help you develop and build up your profile. Then we give you the tools to showcase your accomplishments and get the attention of producers, directors, agents and other industry pros looking to option work. There are no limits to what you can accomplish with the ISA. Keep writing, growing and use every tool we have to offer. You'll find your unique path to success, and we'll help you get there.

"You don't make a movie by yourself; you certainly don't make a TV show by yourself. You invest people in their work." - Vince Gilligan

Start writing and the rest will follow. The ISA is here to help you do just that.

The ISA Management Team

Course Curriculum

Max Timm, The Story Farm Development & Coaching
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Breaking Story Through The Recurring Moment - Video
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Jen Grisanti, from Jen Grisanti Consultancy
Your TV Writing Expert, Jen Grisanti
Writing a TV Pilot That Sells: Telling the Inside Story Through Structure & Emotion - Video
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Lee Jessup, Career Coaching and Strategy
Your Writing Career Specialist, Lee Jessup
Your Television Writing Career - Video
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